Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Wow!!  Have things gotten busy since the start of the school year!!!

Four months in on our identified projects, the following has been completed or is close to completion:

K-8 bathroom and locker room renovations are complete- These projects were a tad tardy in their completion due to later than expected delivery dates and incorrect product being sent.  These areas look so nice and are very bright.  Thus far I have received many positive compliments.  Another great accomplishment with these renovations is that they are now all ADA compliant.

H.S. Canopy- The H.S. Canopy is nearly complete with the footings already poured, structural steel is in place as well as the roof deck.  Last Friday the concrete around the support beams was poured and look great!  All that is left to complete on this project is the concrete patio, the blue roof, and the painting of the structural steel beams.

H.S. Office renovation and secure vestibule- The H.S. office renovation is nearly complete with a new wall, new carpet, new drop ceiling and new reception desk.  The H.S. principal's office also received new furniture.  This area has essentially been switched as the H.S. principal's office is now where the secretaries office was.  There is now a window wall seperating the two and the H.S. principal now has a door from the directly to the hallway.  This renovation is close to completion with only the doors left to be installed.

H.S. secure vestibule- The H.S. will now have a secure vestibule for visitor's to enter the H.S.  Visitors will now need to be buzzed in from the outside into the vestibule then also be electronically allowed to enter the H.S. office.  The door going into the H.S. office will also be an automatic door so visitors will need to give the door clearance to open.  This unique feature will prevent unwanted visitors to the district access to the entire student population.

Two new H.S. instructional classrooms- The two new H.S. classrooms are coming along nicely.  Both classrooms now have interior and exterior walls completed.  The roof has also been completed with the new membrane roof installation occurring this week.  Plumbing and electric above ceiling are almost complete with new stud walls in place as well.  Once the new membrane roof is complete then the rooms will be dried in and the installation of other needed components such as sheetrock will happen quickly.  We are looking forward to using the new Science classroom/lab and the new general classroom for Agriculture very soon.  These are much needed spaces for student instruction.

All-weather track- The new all-weather track is also coming along nicely.  The topsoil has been removed to establish the subgrade.  A few areas of the new track site had to have some soil stratification due to areas with too much moisture.  These are have been rectified and the subgrade has been established.  The infield (which is sized for football and soccer for future expansion and possible use) has also been created.  As of now the runways for the jumping events on the ends of the infield are being installed.  I anticipate that the concrete curbs on the inside and outside of the running surface will be poured either this week or next.  This project is a 100 day contract so as the weather holds out the workers are really hitting it hard.

The general contractor on the track project is Bryne and Jones.
The general contractor on all of the other projects is Grove Construction

Both of these companies are performing excellent work for the district and have been very pleasant to work with.  As always, a big thank you goes out to the Sturgeon R-V Patrons for without you not of these projects would not be possible.

Pictures of all of these projects can be seen on the district's Facebook page by entering Sturgeon R-V School District and liking our page.  Thank you for your time!!!