Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Spring is almost here!!

In an effort to more effectively communicate the events and information of the school district, I have started a blog.  If this is new to you then we are in the same boat.  I want to thank you for keeping up with our school district's accomplishments.  Sturgeon's pride in our school district is strong!!
     As I named the post Spring is almost here!!,  I can't believe that the time change is already this coming weekend.  We have just finished our basketball season and both our ladies and men's teams had success this season.  The men's team finished second in districts and the ladies played their hearts out against Cairo but came up short.  Recently, our M.S. music students achieved 1 ratings in both band and choir with other assorted 1's and 2's in solo and ensemble groups.  Spring sports and extra-curricular events include:  Men's baseball, Spring Golf, H.S./M.S. Scholar's bowl, and H.S./M.S. Track.
     The district will be experiencing some staff changes next year with current vacancies in: Special Education Process Coordinator and H.S. Counselor.  Another position we will be filling is that of an Ag teacher.  The district will start offering our students classes in Agriculture for the first time ever!! By offering agriculture classes and potentially FFA to our students in the future,  opportunities for success in never before explored areas will greatly expand.  We will looking for great things from this program for all of our interested H.S. Students.  The new agriculture instructor will be teaching classes in the High School and also one in the Middle School.  Class subjects have been determined by surveying the interests of our students.
     On the legislative front, I would encourage any and all patrons to keep up with the education bills currently being reviewed that may affect education as we know it.  This link--
is one of the publications I follow to keep informed of the bills being reviewed.  One major concern that seems to always come up this time of year is school funding.  Our school district is very dependent on state funding to fund our teaching staff.  So far this year our state funding appears to be on target with the budgeted figures.  Next year's state funding is still in a state of flux depending on how much the state is able to devote to educational funding.
     The district will be enhancing our already attrative facilities thanks to a very supportive voting public this past November.  As a result of approving a No Tax Increase Bond Issue Proposal, the district will be building two new classrooms onto the North Wing of the H.S.  Also, at the H.S. the district will be building a new entrance canopy on the west side and will be constructing a new all-weather track which will be located east of the currently ballfields.  Currently, we are waiting for the topographic survey and geo-technical services to perform their services.  Once this has been accomplished the district's architect can move forward in preparing bid packages.  At the M.S. renovations will include: updating the restrooms in the elementary hallway and the gym bathrooms.  Our M.S. locker rooms will also be renovated during this project.  You will also be seeing new floor tile in the main elementary hallway.
  I hope that in my first blog I haven't been too lengthy but there is so much to talk about concerning our school district.  I can't even begin to tell all the great things occurring in our schools.  Thank you for your time and as always thank you for your unending support.

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